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Priority Real Estate is committed to delivering a high level of expertise, customer service, attention to detail to the marketing, sales, rental and management on commercial and residential properties.

Priority Property commenced operations over 2 years ago as a Real estate company. This core element of our business has grown rapidly along side the development of Dar es Salaam and we now have one of the largest property databases in the city

Our professional sales team:

  • Keeps an accurate record of the number and availability of units
  • Accompanies ALL viewings with potential tenants
  • Initiates a complete post-viewing follow-up
  • Advises of all offers in writing, providing a profile of the client
  • Completes regular reviews of viewing number and leasing rates and provides updated market advice and recommendations at regular intervals
  • Collects all payments, prepares and arranges for the client to sign all
  • Tenancy Contracts whilst collecting all the paperwork necessary under leasing legalities in Tanzania.
  • Prepares a Condition Report to ascertain any outstanding maintenance or cleaning requirements prior to occupation.
  • Hands over all payments, documentation, etc. to the Property Management division who ensures that the handover and follow-up with the client is of a high standard.

In order to manage your property, an experienced Property Administrator is assigned. We provide a Property Administrator with excellent customer relations and administrative and language skills (English & Kiswahili).The Property Administrator will handle all complaints being submitted by tenants or landlords; weather it’s maintenance related or regarding incidents within the property. All complaints, requests and incidents are followed up and resolved quickly to maintain good tenant relations.

In order to attract tenants quickly, we advertise vacant properties throughout our vast marketing network. This network includes Magazines, daily print advertising, strategically targeted email campaigns, location signage, Prioritytz.com, (website listings), and a network of over 20 agents in and around Dar Es Salaam.

When your property is ready for lease, the details are
immediately displayed on our website, viewed by over 3,000 unique individuals every week. Upon seeing your property online, potential tenants are able to gather important details, view photos, and even print an accurate location map of the property using satellite imagery from Google Maps.

Finally, Priority Property Ltd maintains a dedicated internal hotline open seven days per week between 8.30am _ 8.30pm to track and distribute customer requirements to our appropriate sales staff. This enables us to deal with our clients requirements quickly and efficiently without the kinds of delays that are typical encountered in the real estate environment.

Our sales staff will arrange a formal handover from landlord to tenants, including all necessary paperwork to make the transition efficient. During this process, the property will be critically inspected with the tenants to ensure the landlord has adequately completed all of our clients requirements before moving in to enjoy their new home.
The Property Administrator will maintain a register of the commencement and expiry details of all leases on our computerized management system. All lease renewals will be handled and completed by the Property Administrator. Requests from tenants will be submitted to the management office. All such requests will then be submitted to the Property landlord for consent along with our recommendations and all of the necessary information regarding the request. During the day-to-day running of your property, the Property Administrator will identify any breaches of the lease agreement or rules and regulations of the unit by the tenants. We will advise on the appropriate course of action for each individual case.

Throughout the duration of each tenancy in your property, the Property Administrator will conduct regular internal and external inspections. These inspections will ensure that tenants are maintaining the property, as well as detect any minor maintenance issues that may arise.

If your property does happen to require maintenance, we arrange for such maintenance to be undertaken in a professional manner. Repairs are closely monitored for quality and the work is carried out so as to cause as little inconvenience to your tenants as possible.

Properties are recommended to take advantage of Annual Maintenance Contracts in order to save money in the long- term by preventing large-scale maintenance problems.
During the initial term of the management of new properties, Priority Property will ensure that the warranties supplied by the developer are not affected and that any items that arise during that period are dealt with quickly and without expense or inconvenience to the owner or the tenants. The Property Administrator will assist with conducting a thorough inspection of new properties upon the site handover by the developer, as well as just prior to the expiry of the developer’s warranty. It must also be noted that a review of the developers defect liability period is strongly advised as it may not cover certain types of maintenance.

We provide a full set of accounts summarizing all financial transactions on a property including all receipts and payments, cash reconciliation, funds supplied for management, direct payments, disbursements, direct banking, commission schedules and arrears. We will submit expense reports and revenue reports along with continual monitoring of the rental market.
The Property Administrator will deal with the collection of all rental cheques and deposit them to the Property Owner’s account. If a cheque is returned, the matter will be promptly followed up with the tenant and authorities where necessary.
We will obtain professional advice from our insurance brokers, ensuring a full understanding of the contractual aspects of the insurance proposal and enabling us to obtain the best rates in the market for the most comprehensive contracts. Additionally, the Property Administrator will be trained to follow protocol should an insurance situation occur to protect the Property Owner’s contractual rights.
Priority Property staff are well informed of legislative and regulatory codes of practice governing the real estate sector in Tanzania, therefore well placed to provide you with the relevant information and guidance on taxes that may apply, legal requirements & obligations or your general rights and entitlements.
Thus whatever your circumstance; Buying, selling or letting a property you will be in good hands with at us. Priority property also works with some of the best Legal and accounting firms in Dar es Salaam to provide our customers and investors with expert representation throughout their acquisitions.
We work closely with all the main government bodies and enjoy a trusted professional relationship with departments such as Land Ministry, Municipality, Civil defense and enforcement agencies to ensure codes of practice are observed and the rights of our clients and Landlords are protected.

Priority Real Estate services


Lettings Only Property Management

Comprehensive marketing to find a suitable tenant Included Included

Obtaining tenant references & identity verification Included Included

Preparation of tenancy agreement Included Included

Pre-tenancy safety checks Included Included

Pre-tenancy clean & inventory check-in Included Included

Collection of rent Included Included

Available 24/7 Included Included

Dedicated Property Manager Included

24Hrs Security guard services Included

Transfer of utilities Included

Keyholding service Included

Arranging payment of outgoings Included

Arranging quotes, repairs & maintenance Included

Access to panel of vetted contractors Included

24-hour emergency contractors Included

Property inspections Included

Managing the check-out process Included

Deposit claim negotiation, compilation & submission Included